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Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C)

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Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet (PM&C) Graduate Program Live Q&A 2023

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Tue 28 Mar 2023, 2:30pm
Tue 28 Mar 2023, 3:30pm
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About this event

To be a PM&C Graduate you must have a genuine sense of curiosity – a desire to know and understand more about the people of Australia and the challenges and opportunities we face in a changing world. They work fast. You thrive on change and adapt to new circumstances and priorities as the Prime Minister delivers them. You embrace the perspective and diversity of thought. You will bring your whole self to work.

Does this sound like you? If so, register now for the PM&C Live Q&A. This is your chance to hear from their graduate recruitment team all about their Top 100 graduate program. Find out how their 'Choose your own adventure' program allows you to thrive in a role that is like no other within the public or private sector.


Instructions for students

Save the date

Don’t miss the event! Virtual events can be easy to forget because we don’t have physical travel as a reminder.

Take it seriously, record it in your diary or e-calendar and set a reminder.


Do your research

Review Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet's profile prior to the event.

Come prepared; read their reviews and graduate stories,  and prepare a few questions to ask.


Download Zoom

We’ll be using Zoom to power the video call.

Download the app for PCMacAndroid or iOS in advance so there’s no delay in joining the session.



All Live Q&A's will be recorded for the benefit of future students and those who aren't able to attend the event. Content may be used by the event host, the employer, or on a Prosple website.

All participants will have their video camera and microphone muted by default. If you are not comfortable with having your voice or face recorded, please keep your video off and microphone muted.

With that in mind, we encourage all of you who are comfortable with being recorded to keep your video on to make for a better experience with employers. You can at any time request to have content you are featured in removed from the web by sending an email to contact@prosple.com.