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SAS Videos

How to Navigate a Career in Tech as a Graduate

Calling all university students and grads looking to join in the tech industry - don't miss this Career Talk session!

This is SAS - Marvio Portela | SAS Careers

Marvio shares his connection to SAS, and the impact SAS has had on his life and the life of those around him.

Education Outreach – Inspiring Curiosity and Empowering Change

Education gives each generation the power to change what's possible. SAS supports a wide range of education initiatives that promote learning for all.

Curiosity Forever | SAS

We ask the questions that move the world forward. Curiosity Forever is a promise. We will never stop exploring data, analyzing it, learning from it.

SAS Life: Limitless possibility | SAS Careers

Why SAS? Because it's ok to want it all! Our culture empowers you to do meaningful work, have the flexibility to balance work and life, and follow your passions to grow your career.

Setting New Hires Up for Success at SAS | SAS Careers

See what past SAS Academy graduates have to say about their experience in the program, and get inspired to share your own perspective about what it's like to work at SAS.

SAS Life: SAS Virtual Internship Experience | SAS Careers

Meet some of our interns and hear their reflections on the virtual #saslife experience and the amazing work they did this summer!

This is SAS: Jess Mayo | SAS Careers

Jess Mayo shares what it’s like to work for a company that values the unique perspective she’s able to bring.

This is SAS - I Sah Hsieh | SAS Careers

If you’re curious about why such a talented group of people chooses to work at SAS, we’ll let them speak for themselves.

What does a Data Scientist do?

Ever wonder how data science can change the world? Watch this quick clip to hear how SAS data scientist Ayana Littlejohn shares her curiosity in analytics to influence public policy.

Your Curiosity Matters | SAS Careers

Why work at SAS? Because it's OK to want it all... An award-winning culture, a rewarding career, and a chance to leave your mark on the world. Be a part of something extraordinary!

Black Dog Institute | Transforming Mental Health Research with Analytics

Black Dog Institute uses SAS technology to map social networks and mental health networks in a large organization.