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Xinfu is an extraordinary company and our purpose is to create an extraordinary world over the next few years.

At Xinfu, we are paving the way for high growth companies to become extraordinary and we are pinpointing the Fortune 500 CEOs, political leaders and cultural icons who we think will have the most impact to change the world.

Xinfu supports clients in generating super returns by partnering with CEOs and their top teams. Working across the whole CEO agenda, Xinfu challenges shares best practices and stretches the aspirations of CEOs.

Xinfu's core belief is that the best companies should be entrepreneurial on a global scale and that the companies should be united and at the heart of it will be a close-knit fellowship between the CEO and top team.

Xinfu helps to build this bond through intense personal and business experiences that transform the company leaders, reset the company's performance and aspirations resulting in a unified culture.

Why choose your organisation?

We are confidants of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies and the fastest growing companies, helping them to become extraordinary. We are also creating a new generation of CEOs across the world who will be leading pioneering companies that will change the world.

We have proven that it is possible for CEOs to ‘have it all'. Even for CEOs of the world’s biggest companies.

We are a global team and the team love the vibrant and fluid nature of the business. The Aus team enjoy monthly lunches and quarterly events.

Recruitment Process

Applications will include:

  1. CV, cover letter and academic transcript
  2. Initial phone interview with Chief Awareness Officer
  3. Zoom interview with CEO and Chief Awareness Officer

Remuneration & Career Growth

Commencing on award wages for a 3-month probationary period the successful candidates then undergo a review after which an appropriate salary is determined.

Upon completion of the probationary period, other benefits include gym or yoga membership and medical insurance.

Once the skies are open again, there will be the opportunity for global travel.

As the company is in a stage of growth and everyone within the company is entrepreneurial, there is the opportunity to move forward at a fast pace.

Jobs & Opportunities

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  • Victoria
Hiring candidates with qualifications in
Business & Management
Creative Arts
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
Law, Legal Studies & Justice