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Analytic Partners

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  • Management Consulting

They offer a cloud-based, managed software platform which delivers adaptive solutions for deeper business understanding and right-time planning and optimization for marketing and beyond. This means they use advanced mathematical models to work out what drives the sales of their clients, and work out how to make their plans even better.

Founded in 2000, Analytic Partners is one of the world’s premier technology-driven analytic solution providers. They’ve been called a global leader in the field by Forrester since 2016.

They work with top-tier companies across the globe in a wide range of industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, retail, automotive, financial services, travel/hospitality, and technology. They have a client set that covers some of the largest and most innovative advertisers in Australia.

They're growing fast with global operations across our full-service offices in New York City, Miami, Denver, Charlottesville, Dublin, London, Paris, Hamburg, Munich, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, and Shanghai.

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