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The New GSK story

GSK is a global biopharma company with a special purpose – to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together – so we can positively impact the health of billions of people and deliver stronger, more sustainable shareholder returns – as an organisation where people can thrive.

Getting ahead means preventing disease as well as treating it, and we aim to impact the health of 2.5 billion people around the world in the next 10 years. Our R&D focus is to deliver a new generation of vaccines and medicines using the science of the immune system, human genetics and advanced technologies to get ahead of infectious diseases, HIV, cancer and other immune-mediated and respiratory diseases. We do all this with a commitment to operate responsibly for all our stakeholders by prioritising Innovation, Performance and Trust.

Our bold ambitions for patients are reflected in new commitments to growth and a significant step-change in delivery over the next five years. This means more GSK vaccines and medicines, including innovative new products, will reach more people who need them than ever before.

We have long believed that building trust is key to stronger performance, helping to create value for shareholders, impact patients and society and a reason outstanding people choose to work for and with us. That’s why being a responsible business is an integral part of our strategy. Taking action on environmental, social and governance issues is a key driver of our strategy.

Our success depends on our people. While getting ahead of disease together is about our ambition for patients and shareholders, it’s also about making GSK a place where people can thrive. We want GSK to be a place where people feel inspired, encouraged and challenged to be the best they can be. A place where they can be themselves – feel welcome, valued and included. Where they can keep growing and look after their wellbeing. So, if you share our ambition, join us at this exciting moment in our journey to get Ahead Together.

The culture 

At GSK, we challenge ourselves to get Ahead Together – to make a positive impact on global health; for growth; in an environment where people can thrive. Our culture inspires our performance.

It enables each of us in GSK to:

  • Be ambitious for patients to deliver what matters most, better and faster.
  • Be accountable for impact with clear ownership and support to succeed.
  • Do the right thing with integrity and care – providing an inclusive, safe, and caring work environment where our people can be themselves.

As a member of our team, you will:

  • Focus on what matters most
  • Take smart risks and make agile, informed decisions
  • Have the courage to stop doing what’s least important
  • Receive clear direction to know who’s doing what and why decisions are taken
  • Contribute to a high-performing team
  • Get rewarded and recognised for performance and the impact you make
  • Take personal responsibility to do the right thing
  • Be inclusive and help create a thriving, diverse workplace
  • Stand up for what matters and speak up when things don’t feel right

This is what it means to be part of GSK – to play your part to deliver our purpose, strategy, and culture.  And to be supported at every step to make it happen

Gender diversity

We are addressing gender equality at all levels within our organisation. With support from our Global Gender Council and our Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI) employee resource group, we are making great headway toward our aspiration of at least 45% female representation in senior roles by 2025. At the end of 2021, we reported strong growth in the diversity of our leadership and were on track overall to achieve our aspirations. 40% of senior roles were held by women (up from 38% in 2020); we are also proud that 50% of manager roles are held by women.

We have been recognised in the FTSE Women Leaders report, The Times Top 50 employers for women, named one of India’s best companies for women, and our colleagues have been recognised by the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association for their work to advance the impact and influence of women in healthcare.

Ethnic diversity

We remain committed to improving ethnic diversity within GSK and recruiting and developing talent that mirrors the communities in which we work. 

Our ethnicity commitments:

  • In the US: at least 30% ethnically diverse leaders in our VP and above roles by the end of 2025.
  • In the UK: at least 18% ethnically diverse leaders in our VP and above roles by the end of 2025.

At the end of 2021, we reported strong growth in the diversity of our leadership and were on track to achieve our aspirations. We are proud that 27.1% of senior leaders in the US were ethnically diverse (up from 23.2% in 2020) and in the UK 12.9% of senior leaders were ethnically diverse (up from 11.1% in 2020).


GSK is committed to being inclusive of people with disabilities. With support from our Global Disability Council and our employee resource group, the Disability Confidence Network, we are working hard to create an inclusive workplace where all our people can thrive. Since 2020, GSK has been an active member of the Valuable 500 pledge, a collection of 500 global companies all committed to placing disability inclusion on the leadership agenda. We are delivering on its objectives through our disability confidence plan.


GSK aims to be an environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves and creating their best work. We strive to foster a culture of empathy and acceptance where we embrace each other's differences and identities, and we aim to be recognised in global LGBT+ indices to ensure best practices.

Social contribution

GSK is a responsible company and commits to using its science and technology to address health needs, make its products affordable and available, and for its employees to be their best in and out of work.

Living GSK’s mission starts from within. Employees must be proud of the work they do, the company they work for and the contributions they make.

GSK’s focus on people is not just about their staff. GSK works closely with local and global communities to support people who need it most.

Globally GSK works with several organisations to provide humanitarian donations to those in need. GSK provided donations to more than 80 countries across the world. 

A great example of how GSK lives their values and expectations is its partnership with Save the Children. GSK has reached over 2.8 million children in 45 countries, and GSK employees have raised over £3.3m which is matched by GSK.

Since its launch in 2009, GSK’s employee volunteering program, PULSE, has sent more than 705 employees from 63 countries to serve 120 non-profits around the world. It has also provided over $38 million worth of skilled services to its partners.

GSK’s Australian and New Zealand staff volunteered more than 1,200 hours through their corporate volunteering program ‘Orange Day’, supporting community organisations like the Abbotsford Convent, Fareshare, OzHarvest and many others.

GSK New Zealand is honoured to support Youthline, a youth development organisation and has done so since 1995. We offer the dedicated team at Youthline resources and contributions, which in turn allows them to offer 24-hour advice and support to thousands of young Kiwis and their families in times of difficulty or crisis.

Recruitment Process

The Application Process 

There are a few stages to our application process. 

Online application form

Our application form doesn’t take long to complete. We’ll ask you to upload your CV, complete details about your studies and confirm your eligibility to work in the market where your chosen programme is based.

World of GSK online assessment

If we think you could be right for us, we’ll invite you to complete our ‘World of GSK’ online assessment. It is a test that is relevant to most markets and will help us determine your strengths and suitability to become one of our Future Leaders. It will also give you an insight into what we do and how we work.

You’ll watch videos featuring some of our colleagues who will tell you about what they do at GSK. We’ll then set up scenarios and ask you how you would manage the situation.

After you complete the World of GSK assessment, we’ll let you know if you’ve made it to the next stage. You’ll also get personalised feedback to help you develop your strengths further.

GSK life job simulation

Make it through to the next stage and we’ll see how you might perform in your chosen programme. This is also your chance to get a feel for what it might be like to work with us.

You’ll be presented with a scenario with some key business facts and asked to respond through video, writing and multiple choice. We’ll also ask you more about why you want to work here and, if you’ve applied for a technical role, we’ll ask you some technical questions.

Virtual Interview

 If you progress to a Virtual Interview, then congratulations — you’re through to our final stage! Here, you’ll have a virtual, strengths-based interview with a member of our team. 

Accept our offer

Great news! If you succeed at the Interview stage, we’ll make you an offer to become one of our Future Leaders. We’ll talk you through the next steps and use everything we’ve learned about you to make sure you get off to the best possible start in your future career.

Remuneration & Career Growth

GSK doesn’t publicly disclose the remuneration it offers, however, students report the salary for those doing the Industry Based Learning as the middle of the road. There is also a range of employee benefits for GSK employees including, Performance with Choice, five Feel Good days, free on-site yoga, Pilates and exercise classes, and great cross-functional bonding activities.

Graduate Reviews

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  • Supportive team, flexible working hours, wealth of knowledge, ongoing training, satisfaction of working with candidate and hiring managers, building relationships and networking.
  • The motivation that everyone carries and surrounds themselves with - to improve lives of those with HIV.
  • Flexibility in working from home or in the office and the accommodating nature of my manager and other staff to allow me to perform at my best.
  • The people and culture.
  • The people and the closely-knit team.
  • Given great opportunities even as an IBL Flexible working and managers are open to work arrangements when needed. Recognised for great work.
  • Wouldn't say a minus however wish there was more people to work with and collaborate to improve learning.
  • Some outdated and overly time-consuming processes (but the company has provided reassuring dialogue that these are being worked on)
  • Can be fast-paced (with long working hours) depending on business priorities.

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