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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Slides, analysis, meetings.
Graduate, Sydney
My role as a graduate consultant sees me spend a lot of time developing materials, either for projects that I am currently working on, or for work that we are trying to win. As a grad, my project leaders will outline how they want a piece of work to be structured/what information to include and from their guidance I will flesh this material out, often through an iterative feedback process.
Graduate, Brisbane
As a consultant my day to day typically revolves around: - Developing client material (e..g slide decks, writing reports, models) - Taking notes during consultations/client meetings - Reading client documents, summarising findings In period that i'm not doing project work, I would be involved in business development/ proposals: - Supporting writing proposals (e.g. finding technical content, adapting experience summaries) - Undertaking research for client teams
Graduate, Sydney
I work on projects to help clients with problems that they have in their organisations. This involves producing reports, analysing data and engaging with stakehodlers.
Graduate, Melbourne
Day-to-day will involve some prop work, some sort of research and carrying those insights into projects or proposals. Also some form of professional development will occur too.
Graduate, Melbourne
It's so different everyday that it's hard to say. but at lunch time there is trivia and every fridays, we have care and connection drinks.
Graduate, Canberra
A mix of preparing documents for client or internal use, meetings, and personal learning.
Graduate, Darwin
When staffed on projects the work is engaging, meaningful and it feels like a difference is being made. The teams are highly capable and you feel supported every step of the way. There are plenty of opportunities for you to involve yourself in business and client development. I've been the Client Coordinator for an A client and have transitioned into a CC role for a sub-practice. It's a surefire way to acquaint yourself with the way business is won, industry trends and with important decision-makers across the firm.
Graduate, Melbourne
Help clients with their problems
Graduate, Melbourne
At Nous, consultants work on 1-2 projects (either one project full time 5 days (8 hours per day) or two projects 2.5 days each. Consultants also work on proposals (business winning) in between projects. Day-to-day responsibilities depend on the project or proposal but commonly include developing key lines of enquiry, running/preparing materials for focus groups, interviews and workshops, creating surveys, preparing slide packs for presenting findings/insights, push the thinking sessions (where the whole team brainstorms together), data analysis/modelling, writing reports or powerpoint slides, etc. At Nous, consultants self-manage their time, that means balancing the requirements of two project teams and prioritising what work needs to be done first. A big component of that is communicating your capacity and working efficiently to get tasks done on time and to a high quality.
Graduate, Melbourne