Updating Results

Georgia Love

Georgia Love studied a Bachelor of Mathematics (Advanced) (Mathematics & Statistics) from the University of Wollongong and is now with the Innovation, Digital & Data Team at KPMG.

6.40 AM

Alarm didn’t go off. I only have 20 minutes before the last school kid free bus to the station so it’s a wholesome Nutella on toast and a quick run out the door.

6.59 AM

Check for Nutella marks on my face on the bus. It’s only the second week as a Graduate and I don’t want to break any illusions of being a functioning adult just yet. 

7.15 AM

Jumped on the train. The trick is to not have any coffee with breakfast so you can catch some extra sleep on the way in to work.

8.20 AM

Arrive at work and shotgun a desk. I’m usually in at 8 and can grab a window seat but I wasn't early enough today - at least I'm near my buddy and the Innovation, Digital & Data team. Go to my locker to fix my hair and grab my laptop.

8.30 AM

Run into a fellow Graduate and an Associate Director (AD) in the kitchen and have a standard morning coffee catch up. The AD always has hot tips, like how to get a double shot in your mocha from the machine. The Graduate and I compare what work we have been put on: she is transitioning into a specific division and completing odd jobs until a project starts whilst I am doing a rotation in the Audit Data Analytics team with two main projects that I am involved in.

KPMG Georgia Love

8.35 AM

I check my emails and plan out my day: today I will be working in between both audit analytics projects. The main project is working with an AD in Sydney to implement an audit analysis on the purchase-to-pay (PTP) process that will be used for many of our clients. 
I’m waiting to get feedback on yesterday’s work so I’ll also be working on my other project as well: General process analysis for another client. This project is about understanding how data moves through a business’s internal systems and encompasses leave applications, travel requests, timesheets, accounts payable and more.

8.45 AM

The Director for that client sent through updated data this morning so this is a good place to start. 
My previous work only has the Excel file as the back end so part of my work today will be making the transition into our teams more secure server. The Director needs some results immediately so I send some analysis back to him before changing the back end and load the data into the server later on in the day when I have some more time.

KPMG Georgia Love having coffee with fellow graduate

9.30 AM

The AD for my PTP project drops by to review my work from yesterday. It’s mostly minor cosmetic changes. I’m given 2 new client data sets to apply the analysis on so I will need to make sure that the numbers make sense across all 3 dashboards.

10.10 AM

I find the bug in my analysis and build in some logic to catch this error from happening again. The analysis software uses a data manipulation language that I’m not familiar with so its research time. 

10.45 AM

The manager working on the back end of the PTP processing is running a script and the data will be offline for the next half hour – such is the life of big data! I won’t be able to do much until this is back online.

11.00 AM

Email from the Director with a new data set to include in the general processing analytics, this time I will be working with an internal timesheet process!
Now that I’ve got some new data I’ll take the time to move the whole project into our server for some more security.

12.00 PM

Urgent emails come in requesting me to help cover the Insights Centre tomorrow. The Insights Centre is part of our Innovation, Digital & Data team and is a collaborative space to discuss data driven technologies with our clients. I spent my last year of university working part-time in a supporting role there so I’m first in line to help out when there is resourcing issues which is always fun! 
I’m going to need to cover a meeting with an Audit partner to prepare for a conference with the New Zealand firm in a couple of weeks so I talk to my project manager to get time to cover this.

12.15 PM

Lunch with a few people from my team. I had good intentions of bringing food from home, but that was unrealistic and I buy food from next door again.

1.00 PM

Back at desk and more urgent emails come in asking if I can assist a Partner film a client pitch in the Insights Centre tomorrow. Then, back to implementing my timesheet analysis. Most of the time is spent understanding the insights required from a business perspective and then searching through code documentation to implement it.

3.30 PM

One of my large jobs is done and I have finally solved all problems for my PTP analysis. It works on all three clients data and the model is ready to export. Now to work out how to export it in the right format.

3.40 PM

No closer to finding out how to export this model, so its afternoon tea time. I check in on my buddy and have tea with one of the managers in my team. He is working in Melbourne for the rest of the week so he can go to an Arctic Monkey’s concert!

KPMG Georgia catching with an old colleague

4.00 PM

Finally found how to export my analysis and data model and send to the AD. Looks like there is some time now to work on my mandatory independence training! I’m glad I have some time to work on this while my brain is still working, audit regulations are hard to concentrate on.

5.00 PM

No immediate actions required for my audit analytics projects so I'm going to check that the Insights Centre is ready to go for tomorrow morning. I do some test recordings and catch up with an old colleague. The Insights Centre does a lot of business development and is in touch with the global firm so it’s invaluable to hear what is happening at a larger scale. 
Tomorrow is prepped and ready, I may as well head home and get ready for a big day. 

5.30 PM

Head for the train home. I take the time to work on my independence training some more.

7.00 PM

Taking the time to make my first home cooked meal of the day and enjoy it while watching Netflix.

9.30 PM

Keep watching Netflix, but now from bed.

10.00 PM

Double check my phone is on and alarm is set for tomorrow, can’t repeat today’s mistake!