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Veolia Australia & New Zealand

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders at Veolia Australia & New Zealand

Veolia is committed to walking alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to connect, learn, and create sustainable opportunities.

In November 2022, Veolia launched its second “Stretch” Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) (and 4th RAP since 2014), signaling renewed and stronger commitments in the areas of Indigenous employment, procurement, education, and community engagement. 

“Amongst the work we do, this RAP is one of Veolia’s most important business achievements to date. It means we are living our values, by looking after our First Nations people, as well as helping to build a future where all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s, and their connection to Country, is recognised as central to a sustainable Australia.”

  • Richard Kirkman MD & CEO, Veolia Australia & New Zealand

First and foremost, Veolia’s RAP seeks to transform words and intentions into real action. Veolia’s new RAP aims to create an impact in the areas of education, employment, business, and community. Veolia partners with first nation communities in employment, training, education, and capacity building, and increasing our current impact. Our RAP increases economic opportunity and self-determination for first nations businesses and communities.

Veolia has a clear governance structure to our RAP, with a RAP Executive Sponsor, National Working Group and Lines of Business Working Groups. Our topline RAP commitments and targets are included in our strategic business plans, and management’s personal objectives and bonuses. 

We learn, we unlearn, and we re-educate. We continue to create a culturally safe workplace We continue to speak up, speak the truth, and ask the hard questions.  We recognise there is always more we can, and will continue, to do. 

At a business level, Veolia’s RAP provides a strategic framework to support our Australian company-wide business plan. Our RAP outlines both our achievements and future commitments, as well as provides timeframes and accountable personnel to oversee the monitoring and implementation of these objectives. Veolia’s Stretch RAP looks to achieve parity and reconciliation in the following areas:

  • Governance framework
  • Reconciliation vision
  • Relationships
  • Community partnerships
  • Respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories and traditions
  • Opportunities
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Business.