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Andi Radisavljevic

My fellow Graduates and I have been working together to help solve issues related to our Physical Network Inventory. This is an enduring and complex problem at nbn and in telecommunications.

Hi everyone, I’m Andi, and I’m a nbn Graduate. I attended the University of Wollongong, where I completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and finance in 2021. In my entry, I am sharing my routine as a Corporate Strategy Graduate in a hybrid working model. 

6.30 AM

After snoozing my alarm one too many times, it is time to wake up and get up. Since I live in Wollongong, I need to get a move on. My commute usually involves a 40-minute drive to Sutherland before catching the train to our North Sydney office. 

8.30 AM

I arrive at the office at my business unit’s dedicated level and say hi to my team. Being in an activity-based environment, I have the option to sit in a different spot each day to chat and meet new colleagues. I set up my desk just the way I like, with a glass of cold water and Oreos that I stash in my locker.

day in the life Andi Radisavljevic nbn at work station

8.45 AM

I look at what meetings I have on my calendar, check my emails, and plan out my day. I reply to any queries asking for an update on a particular project or re-schedule any meetings where I might clash. 

9.00 AM

I have my first meeting of the day to discuss and decide on our business unit’s key data priorities. I book one of our many meeting rooms for my colleagues in the Sydney office. This allows us to conference colleagues working from home or in Melbourne while still getting together in person. 

In this meeting, I mostly listen and learn as in-depth discussion ensues between my colleagues as well as nbn managers and executives. I’m fortunate to be part of such high-level and important projects so I may learn more about nbn and the telecommunications industry.

day in the life Andi Radisavljevic nbn view from the office

10.00 AM

I now have time to work on a presentation regarding our Customer Premises Equipment. Over the last few weeks, I have been researching the latest industry and market trends in this field. With this presentation, I hope I can inform strategic decisions about nbn’s future. 

11.30 AM

My fellow Graduates and I have been working together to help solve issues related to our Physical Network Inventory. This is an enduring and complex problem at nbn and in telecommunications. We are due to give our CEO Stephen Rue a presentation on what we discovered and the possible next steps. So today, we are meeting virtually and in person to polish our pitch.

day in the life Andi Radisavljevic nbn meeting with fellow graduate

12.30 PM

Quiet hour! During this time, I have no meetings scheduled, and it is my chance to get away from the screen. Today I have one of my mum’s home-cooked meals for lunch and meet up with some of my fellow Graduates in one of our cafeterias. We discuss our wackiest and most outrageous reality TV show ideas for a good laugh.

day in the life Andi Radisavljevic nbn in the meeting

1.30 PM

I have some focused time booked in my calendar where I can read the latest news. Each week I collect the most interesting and relevant news articles and developments in the telecommunications industry that impact nbn. I store all these articles in an Excel spreadsheet so my team can refer to them anytime. We use these articles to write weekly Industry Intelligence reports and bring awareness to the company on what is happening outside of nbn

2.30 PM

I meet with a Graduate buddy Maria from the 2023 cohort. We discuss our next steps in our careers and get each other’s advice on how to approach certain new and exciting challenges in the workplace. Mostly, we chat about our hobbies and weekend plans. 

3.00 PM

I meet with the Grad Social Connect team. Here we discuss fun networking and learning events for the Graduates and work together in a small team to organise these initiatives. Some of the activities we plan include a bouldering activity after work in Sydney. 

4.00 PM

All our hard work pays off today when we meet CEO Stephen Rue and pitch all our innovative and interesting ideas as Graduates. Stephen is receptive and provides great feedback. Overall, everyone enjoyed the presentations, and we all walked away feeling very accomplished. Not many people get the chance to present to a CEO in their careers!  

5.15 PM

Time to catch up with my fellow Graduate colleagues and relax after a hard day of working and learning.

day in the life Andi Radisavljevic nbn night out after work

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